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Application industry Model Product name Product Category Technical Parameters Product Image
Base Stations WS700-1AAC SMPS Mobile communication Universal input voltage; With PFC; Meet the requirements of mobile communication power supply
Network Switches WS250-1FAC SMPS Communication industry Universal input voltage; With PFC; Meet the requirements of communication industry power supply
Rail ILOCK SMPS Rail communication Universal input voltage; With PFC; Meet the requirements of Rail communication power supply
Grid WS25-1DAC SMPS Outdoor power communication equipment Wide operation temperature up to 85℃. Long power loss holding time, high tolerance to burst voltage.
WS11-3AAC Integrated switching mode power supply Power meter Operation temperature -40~70℃, Maximum 418VAC input, Isolation voltage 6KV.
WS90-4CAC SMPS Power terminal Single phase input 80~300VAC, Operation temperature -40~70℃, Maximum 418VAC input; Isolation voltage 6KV
Elevator WS360-1DAC Cost effective industrial PSU Industrial general purpose, textile machinery, elevator, engineering equipment Typical efficiency up to 92%; Voltage surge level 4 standard
WS35-1BAC、WS50-1EAC LED PSU Elevator CAB lighting, high reliability lighting applications LED PSU with 3C certification; Universal input voltage, high tolerance to burst voltage; High operating temperature 85℃; Long life
IND电源 WS100-1IAC-24 SMPS Elevator control power supply and Repeater power supply Universal input voltage; high tolerance to burst voltage; Long life
Industrial Automation WS02-1AAC Adjustable LED PSU Microscope illumination Adjustable LED power supply; Dimming control match LED characteristics; UL, VDE, CE certification
WS45-1DAC Medical PSU Medical Equipment Single phase Univeral input voltage; Complete protection function; Medical safety certification (2MOPP)
WS500-1CAC High efficiency SMPS Communication industry High efficiency self-cooling power supply